Child Molestation

Even being accused of sexual abuse of a minor can cause serious damage to your life, your family and your reputation in the community. Conviction of these charges can absolutely destroy these things. Unfortunately, these charges are often brought against innocent people.

In our many years of practice, we have seen people use child molestation allegations to gain an advantage in child custody cases, to cause damage to former boyfriends and more. We have also seen cases in which an unstable adolescent girl has accused someone — a relative, a stepfather, a boyfriend, or foster care provider — with inappropriate contact. At the law offices of John W. Callahan, Ltd., we know how to get to the bottom of these matters and help protect you.

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Challenging the Charges

We have obtained retractions of accusations from some of the complaining witnesses in our cases, using our team of investigators. This can result in a dismissal of the charges. If a case goes all the way to trial, we aggressively cross-examine those who have made false accusations, with the goal of shredding their stories.

John W. Callahan, Ltd., attorneys use serious investigation to get to the bottom of these cases. We understand that even being accused of improper touching of a minor can have damaging repercussions for you. Our thorough investigation will help bring the true facts to light.

Our team will find answers to questions such as:

  • Was the victim even at your home when the crime was alleged to have been committed?
  • Why did it take so long for the victim to bring charges?
  • Was the complainant on medication for depression or mental illness?

We can defend parents accused of child molestation by former spouses, teachers accused of taking advantage of minor students, foster parents charged with molesting foster children and anyone else who faces these allegations. We know how to determine false allegations. We know how to provide you with the experienced criminal defense you deserve.

Serious Investigation Gets to the Heart of False Allegations

In one particularly tricky case, a prominent business owner was accused of molesting the child of his ex-girlfriend, as well as the child of the woman's friend. After digging deep, we discovered a trail of evidence demonstrating that the two women conspired with each other. They made these allegations against the man after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend because he had discovered she had cheated on him. With this compelling evidence, we were able to clear the man's name.*

Important to Get In Touch With Us ASAP

Whether you are a parent accused of child molestation by a former spouse, a teacher accused of taking advantage of a student, an adopted parent charged with molesting a child in your care or anyone else dealing with these terrible allegations, we can help. We are ready to provide you with the strong criminal defense that we believe you need on your side.

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*These are past results and do not constitute a guarantee of future results.