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Chicago Murder Defense Lawyers

Murder Defense Attorneys Chicago Illinois Homicide Lawyers 877-FELONY-7 If you've been charged with murder or manslaughter, contact an attorney immediately. Norris & Callahan in Chicago, Illinois have experience with homicide cases, including death penalty cases.

Need Defense Against a Murder Charge? You need Attorneys Certified to handle These Charges

The most serious criminal charge, murder, can carry the risk of the most serious of all penalties: death. The state of Illinois believes these matters need to be handled with great care. They will not allow just any lawyer to provide criminal defense when capital punishment is involved. Only attorneys who have met the strict qualifications to be admitted to the capital litigation bar are certified to handle these matters. We have this certification. This means we have the energy, the experience and the knowledge to defend people accused of murder and facing the death penalty.

To speak within minutes with an attorney certified by the Illinois Supreme Court to handle capital cases, call us at 1-877-335-6697 today. You can also e-mail us.

At John W. Callahan, Ltd., we have decades of experience serving people in Chicago, Schaumburg and the surrounding parts of Illinois.

If someone in your family has been accused of murder, we can help.

We believe in going for the win. We believe in keeping our clients out of jail and keeping records clean. To achieve our goals, we will not hesitate to bring in investigators and experts to look into every possible option. We work hard to build strong cases designed to prevent people from facing the severe penalties that come along with a conviction on homicide charges.

Murder or Memory?

One of the most noteworthy cases we have handled involved a minor who confessed to the murder of a young girl. To get the confession, the police used an interesting technique: hypnosis. We brought in a wide range of experts on the topic and were able to demonstrate that this confession was not accurate. Our young client was able to walk away from these horrible charges and a television movie was made about the case.*

Call us at 1-877-335-6697 to speak within minutes with a criminal defense attorney with the experience to take on the most serious murder cases.

*These are past results and do not constitute a guarantee of future results.