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Heroin drug arrest or drug charge in Chicago or Cook County.

What do I do if my son has been charged with a heroin offense in Cook County, Illinois?

As a criminal defense lawyer who has handled hundreds of drug charge cases successfully, if you have a son who has been charged with a heroin offense in Chicago or Cook County Illinois, there's much we can do to help.

First, the number one priority in these cases should be to assist your son or daughter in getting the treatment that he or she needs to get clean and off of this drug. I always tell my clients and their parents that I will deal with the criminal charge but you need to take care of your body and your addiction. By the time a person is arrested on the west side of Chicago for a heroin charge, you can feel pretty comfortable that they have a heroin problem and that this is not their first time using the drug. Facing that fact is normally very easy for the parents, but not easy for the client.

Second, I will deal with the criminal charge by aggressively representing your son or daughter in the Cook County court system to try to minimize the government's involvement in his or her life. My philosophy is that your family should be the ones deciding what is best for your son or daughter and we make every effort to try to minimize government involvement via jail or probation.

If your son or daughter has been charged with a felony heroin arrest, feel free to contact my office to discuss his or her case.

- Posted by felony drug charge lawyer John W. Callahan

Are DUI arrests down in Schaumburg Illinois?

Has there been a reduction in DUI arrests in Schaumburg?

Schaumburg, Illinois, used to be one of the top DUI writers in the entire state of Illinois. I have noticed anecdotally that Schaumburg has reduced the number of DUI arrests since they had numerous police officers indicted on federal corruption charges.

I don't know if this is a coincidence or just my perception but it seems clear that the number of DUI citations issued by the police department in Schaumburg has been reduced dramatically in the past 12 months.

If you have been arrested in Schaumburg or face any criminal charge in the Rolling Meadows courthouse, feel free to contact my office to discuss your case as we have over 50 years of experience representing clients charged with crimes in District 3 in Cook County.

- Posted by Schaumburg DUI lawyer John Callahan


What to do if my son is arrested for heroin charges in Oak Park or Chicago?

As a felony drug lawyer who has represented hundreds of people charged with heroin arrests stemming from the west side of Chicago or Oak Park, John W Callahan can help with the case.

First, it is important to have an effective attorney who can help at the bond hearing so that your son can get out of and not be held in the Cook County Jail. We can help get the bond lowered or set at an amount that your family can afford.

Sometimes, we recommend that your son get into a rehab program while he is on bond and before his first court date at the preliminary hearing. This helps your son both personally to get clean but also legally with the court process.

Next, it is important to have an experienced drug crime lawyer who can aggressively help your son through the preliminary hearing process. Oftentimes, we are able to get the charges dropped at that phase of the arrest.

Most importantly, we understand that this is a stressful process. The most important thing that we think of is the long-term health of your son and getting him off of heroin. We can recommend treatment facilities and guide you through the process. In addition, we try to keep the government out of this problem by having the charges dismissed or beating the case.

If you have any questions or your son has been charged with a heroin offense in cook County, feel free to contact our office anytime.

- Posted by Felony drug lawyer John Callahan


Has the recent investigation into the Schaumburg police affected a DUI arrest?

As a DUI lawyer who is handled hundreds of cases of people who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Schaumburg, Illinois, many clients have asked me if their case will be affected by the recent corruption and federal investigation of the Schaumburg Police Department.

While we have had a felony drug case dismissed by the Cook County States Atty.'s office because the police officers charged in the investigation were involved with that arrest, we have not seen any cases of driving under the influence of alcohol in Schaumburg that have been affected by these police officers.

Should you have any questions about a Schaumburg DUI charge or any DUI arrests that will be heard in the rolling Meadows courthouse, feel free to contact my law office at any time.

- Posted by DUI lawyer John Callahan

Location:S Monroe St,Hinsdale,United States

DUI arrest in Chicago

Have you recently been arrested for a DUI in Chicago, Illinois? As a DUI lawyer in Chicago for the past 16 years, I have represented hundreds of clients charged with DUI at the Daley Center.

Any person who is arrested in the city of Chicago for a DUI charge will have his or her case heard at the Richard J Daley Center on the fourth floor. What is the first thing that you should do after you are arrested? Simple, you should take care of the first part of the DUI case which is the statutory summary suspension. The best way to attack the summary suspension is to file a petition to contest the suspension immediately; even if this means it is 40 days before the first court date. Why should you file a petition to attack the suspension right away? Because it limits the prosecution's ability to confirm the suspension with the Secretary of State. Any advantage you can get against the state helps you and puts pressure on them. This gives you the best chance to prevent your license from being suspended at all.
Even if you submitted to a breathalyzer score over .08 you can still attack the suspension and have it removed from your record. I recently had a successful case where a person blew an extremely high BAC score, yet I was still able to beat the suspension on his case.

After you have resolved the suspension, you should attack the DUI charge by finding any flaws in the police officer's reports. The smallest inconsistent detail among his reports can lead to a not guilty. This is why you need a talented and aggressive DUI lawyer who has handled cases in Chicago to represent you on your DUI charge.

- Posted by Chicago DUI lawyer John Callahan


Norris & Callahan Reviews

Many people have been asking me if we have any reviews online. There are several reviews for both Mike Norris and John Callahan online. Some of them are listed under Norris & Callahan.

While we do not solicit reviews from any of our clients, when clients offer to review us online we never turn them down. You can look at my some of my reviews from clients who posted on my AVVO profile.

I always tell my clients, my aim is to make you happy, and most importantly you should be able to trust your attorney with your case.

- Posted by DUI lawyer John Callahan

Location:Schaumburg, Illinois

Schaumburg DUI or Arlington Heights DUI arrest

As a DUI lawyer who represents clients charged with DUI in Arlington Heights and Schaumburg many clients ask what the difference is between the two.

While both a Schaumburg DUI arrest and an Arlington Heights DUI arrest are heard in the same court building (district 3 of the Cook County circuit in Rolling Meadows), one village is prosecuted by the Cook County States Atty. and the other village is prosecuted by a local prosecutor.

Schaumburg DUI arrests are prosecuted by Anita Alvarez and the Cook County states Atty.'s office. Arlington Heights DUI charges, however, are prosecuted by the local prosecutor who handles their cases.

Very often, the Arlington Heights prosecutors will work to negotiate a case to resolve it. Lately, the Cook County prosecutors office has also begun to negotiate cases a bit more in good faith then it has in the past few years. Obviously, that is my opinion.

If you have been arrested for DUI case in Arlington Heights or Schaumburg, feel free to call our office to discuss your case.

- Posted by DUI Lawyer, John W. Callahan

Location:Arlington Heights, IL

How to Beat a DUI Suspension after a DUI arrest in Chicago

As a Chicago DUI lawyer for the past 15 years I have represented hundreds if not thousands of people charged with DUI in Chicago and the surrounding area. One of the most important questions people ask me is if they can continue driving after they are arrested for a DUI in Chicago. The answer is yes. After you are arrested for DUI in the State of Illinois you have 46 days to drive legally before the secretary of state of Illinois will suspend your license. Is there anything that can be done about the suspension? Yes. If you attack the suspension by filing a petition to contest the suspension at the Daley Center in Chicago, you begin a time clock that runs for you, not against you. If you can get that clock to run to 30 days after you filed a petition to rescind the suspension and the state/prosecutor is not ready to proceed to a hearing on the suspension, the caselaw says that the state cannot suspend your license.

I just had a case where a person was charged with DUI in Chicago and we filed the petition immediately to contest the suspension. In this person's case the clock that worked against the state and for my client began taking immediately after we filed the petition. By aggressively filing the petition to contest the DUI suspension, we were able to successfully remove the suspension from this person's record.

The only way to beat a suspension after a DUI charge in Chicago is to contest it by immediately hiring an attorney and filing the petition to rescind. Should you have any questions about the DUI charge in Chicago feel free to contact my office to discuss any pending suspension you might be facing.

- Posted by Chicago DUI Lawyer, John W. Callahan

Location:Chicago, Illinois

Schaumburg DUI arrest

As a DUI lawyer with our main office in Schaumburg, Illinois, I have represented hundreds of clients charged with a Schaumburg DUI arrest. The main thing that we need to remember when you are arrested in Schaumburg is that the case will be brought to the Rolling Meadows courthouse and you will be prosecuted by the Cook County State's Attorney.

The vast majority of DUI arrests that I have seen in my career over the past 15 years that occurred in Schaumburg happen on the weekend between the hours of 10 PM and 3 AM. Obviously, if you are out at a drinking establishment or a club in Schaumburg near Higgins, Meacham, or Algonquin roads, you should be aware that the Schaumburg police have DUI patrols set up every weekend looking for drunk drivers.

Typically, I have seen the Schaumburg police arrest people who are stopped improperly at one of the many traffic lights near Golf road. Also, besides the traffic lights, the Schaumburg police are looking for any improper lane usage that they can see from drivers coming out of the clubs.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Schaumburg, feel free to contact my office with any questions you may have.

- Posted by Schaumburg DUI Lawyer, John W. Callahan


Schaumburg retail theft lawyer from arrest at Woodfield mall

As a criminal defense lawyer in Schaumburg Illinois, both John Callahan and Mike Norris have represented clients charge with retail theft from Schaumburg for decades. Most retail theft cases that occur in Schaumburg happen at the Woodfield mall near route 53. Most people who are charged with a retail theft case out of Woodfield Mall have two issues they must face. First, they have to go to court to face the criminal misdemeanor charge of retail theft. In more serious cases, the client may be charged with a felony if the amount was over $150. Second, The person charged with retail theft will face a civil fine from a law firm that handles these cases in bulk. The letter will look like junk mail but it will be demanding a minimum of $350 even if the client only stolen an item worth two dollars. This is perfectly legal but in my opinion, is just a money grab to fill the pockets of lawyers.

When we represent clients charged with retail theft the most important thing that I tell them is that we look at the long-term record of our clients. We do not just simply walk into court and plead our clients guilty of retail theft. In fact, we have won many retail theft cases at trial. It is important to think long-term. Most importantly, can the arrest be expunged? That is our goal.

If you have been arrested for retail theft in Schaumburg or at the Woodfield Mall, feel free to contact my office and we will discuss how to prevent a conviction on your record and to take it one step further to attempt to expunge your arrest record so that your arrest will not appear on any background checks.

Posted by retail theft lawyer John W Callahan

Location:Schaumburg, Illinois