A DUI arrest with an improper traffic stop

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As a DUI lawyer in Schaumburg who practices in the entire Chicagoland area, I often come across cases where a person is charged with a DUI after being stopped for a bogus reason. I have seen clients charged with DUI when their only violation initially was traveling 3 miles over the speed limit. I recently discussed a case where a person was stopped by the Illinois State police and given a speeding ticket only to be released after being given the ticket. Unfortunately, seven miles later the same state trooper pulled him over and charged him with a DUI. This sounds like a bogus arrest. While we have handled many cases and matters where people have been charged with DUI, the final outcome of the case typically rests with the judge. In my opinion, the judge will look at the basis for the stop and if they think the basis for the stop is improper the judge can throw out the DUI charge at the motion to quash arrest. Should you have any questions about being charged with DUI or stopped and given a traffic ticket for an improper reason, feel free to contact us at anytime.

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