Carol Stream DUI Arrest

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Carol Stream DUI arrests are very consistent year to year.  Most of the arrests that happen for DUI in Carol Stream happen on North Avenue in the late night and early morning hours on weekends.  North Avenue in Carol Stream looks like a highway – with three lanes moving in both eastbound and westbound traffic.  But the speed limit is only 45 miles per hour which makes it a speed trap.  The police in Carol Stream are very strict about the speed limit on North Avenue and pull people over for speeding just a few miles over the limit on these late night weekend hours.  Once the Carol Stream police officer smells any odor of alcohol at all, the DUI process begins.

If the officer smells an odor of alcohol he will have you exit the vehicle and ask you to preform field sobriety tests.  While in Illinois it is almost always better to refuse these tests, even if you submit to a breathalyzer score above .08 it is important to remember that you can and should attack the breathalyzer score in court.

There are also ways that a skilled DUI defense lawyer can attack the field sobriety tests even if you perform them and even if the officer fails you on the tests.  Just because the officer fails you doesn't mean the judge will see it the same way when the officer is cross examined in court.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in DuPage County for a DUI and need help attacking the police version of the events, you should contact the DUI defense lawyer John W Callahan to discuss your matter at anytime.

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