Domestic Battery Charges in Schaumburg or Arlington Heights

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What should you do if you have been arrested for a domestic battery charge in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago including Schaumburg or Arlington Heights?  First, it is important and you should know that almost every person who is charged with a domestic battery offense in Cook or DuPage county must avoid contact with the person who accused them of battery for 72 hours from the date of arrest.  This means that even if your wife or husband regrets calling the police on you when you were arrested, that you can't simply go home and think there will not be any problems with a bond violation.

If you make contact with the alleged victim on your case within 72 hours of the arrest, you can be subject to a violation of bail bond hearing and wind up in the County Jail while your case is pending.

Next, you should review all of the terms of the bond that the judge issued to you – it should be on the court order you received when the bond was set.  It might also be on the bond slip. If you are having trouble finding out how you should comply with the conditions of your bond, you should contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has handled hundreds of domestic battery cases to a successful outcome.  That way, all of the aspects of your case can be investigated and your rights can be preserved.

Because domestic battery is at least a Class A misdemeanor (sometimes it is more serious) you should contact an experienced Schaumburg criminal lawyer immediately to discuss your case and help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Feel free to call John W Callahan anytime to talk about your case with no initial consultation fee.

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