DUI arrests climbing in Hanover Park Illinois – dropping in Elmhurst and Schaumburg

Posted by John Callahan | Jul 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

Have you been arrested in Hanover Park Illinois for a DUI arrest? It wouldn't surprise me because after reviewing the alliance against intoxicated motorists new statistics updated for 2012, Hanover Park DUI arrests have climbed 26% in the past year alone to 238 from 189 in 2011. Most of the time this means that there are not more DUI drivers on the road but, rather, that the Hanover Park Police Department is taking a much more aggressive and proactive stance in detecting people for driving under the influence.How can we surmise this? Neighboring towns Schaumburg and Elmhurst who historically have had similar numbers of DUI arrests have seen their DUI arrests go down in the past year. For example, Schaumburg went from 250 DUI arrests in 2011 down to 223 DUI arrests in 2012 for an 11% reduction. In the same way Elmhurst went from 367 to 324 DUI from 2011 to 2012 – a 12% drop.Not to assume anything but it appears that Hanover Park is concentrating more on arresting people for DUI.- Posted by DUI Lawyer, John W. Callahan

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