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Fighting against your DUI charges

Have you been arrested or charged with a DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol charge? Some people think that if they are arrested for a DUI or fail a Breathalyzer test, they should just as well plead guilty to the DUI charge. That is absolutely not true. When arrested for a DUI charge you need to go on the offensive and attack the weak parts of the prosecutors case against you right away.  The first thing you should do is file a Petition to Rescind the Statutory Summary Suspension as early as the day you were arrested for the DUI.  We have done this and have had success over and over again for our clients using this method – eliminating the suspension from our client's driving record and getting them up and driving right away.  This gives you the best chance of preventing your license from being suspended.  DUI lawyer John W Callahan often tells his clients that waiting even one or two weeks before consulting with him about a DUI charge can be the difference between  to hire a lawyer If you plead guilty without speaking to an attorney at John W. Callahan, Ltd., you are doing the prosecutors' job for them. The burden is on the state to try and prove you are guilty and you need to fight against them from the start. We use our trial experience and talent in fighting DUI charges to identify weaknesses in the case against you and beat your case.

We Win DUI Cases Other Lawyers Said Were Impossible

Many DUI lawyers won't even try to win a DUI case if you submitted to a breathalyzer.  Don't be pressured into pleading guilty to a DUI charge! At the criminal defense law firm of John W. Callahan, Ltd., we know how to fight DUI charges. Chicago DUI lawyer John W. Callahan, Ltd., has obtained dismissals and not-guilty verdicts in dozens of DUI cases where our clients flunked the breathalyzer test. In one case, we obtained a not-guilty verdict for a client who said to the arresting officer, “I am so drunk, what do you expect from me?”

When we take on a DUI case, we intend to win. Our firm has obtained not-guilty verdicts and outright dismissals in cases in which other lawyers had told our clients to plead guilty. Contact our law firm to schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss building your DUI defense today.

We Have a Strong Track Record of Success in Breath Test Refusal Cases

If you have refused a breath test, our work as DUI attorneys is that much easier. We have lost very few DUI cases when our client refused the Breathalyzer test and there was no accident. Regardless of what you may hear, it is very difficult for the state of Illinois to prove a driver was intoxicated if the driver refused a Breathalyzer test.

How We Approach DUI Defense Cases

DUI defense lawyers at John W. Callahan, Ltd., are very familiar with DUI law and know what police records to subpoena so we understand the strengths and the weaknesses of the state's case against you. We will analyze the police reports to find out if the stop and field sobriety tests were legitimate. If you flunked a Breathalyzer test, we will work with the one of the nation's leading Breathalyzer machine experts to challenge those results.

Understanding the Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Illinois

Many people do not understand the trouble they are in after a drunk driving arrest. If you are convicted of DUI your license can be revoked, you can lose your car, be assigned community service, serve jail time, and be expected to complete a drug/alcohol abuse program.

If you've been charged with DUI and do not have any prior DUI convictions, if you work with our DUI attorneys and follow our advice, you may receive court supervision. Court supervision requires you to maintain a clean driving record for its duration and does not appear on your driving record.

A solid defense, grounded in a thorough understanding of how judges and prosecutors view DUI cases, is your best chance for avoiding harsh consequences.

If you win your case, you not only clear your record, but you won't have to pay fines, attend alcohol classes, or pay high-risk insurance. We represent both adults and juveniles who are charged with drunk driving.

You Have Limited Time to Fight a License Suspension After a DUI

If you have been charged with DUI, your license is automatically in the process of being suspended. Should you fail to challenge the DUI suspension within 46 days, the Secretary of State will automatically suspend your license at that time. A suspended or revoked license could affect your job, insurance, and chances of driving in the future.

Chicago DUI lawyer John W. Callahan, Ltd., won't let your driver's license be suspended without a fight. The lawyers at John W. Callahan, Ltd., will prepare you before your appearance so you know what is expected of you from the court. If your license has already been revoked, we will represent you at your driver's license reinstatement hearing with the Secretary of State.

Skilled DUI Attorneys Serving Schaumburg and the Greater Chicago Area

We know Illinois DUI laws and understand what it takes to win a DUI case in court. We assist clients with every aspect of their cases, from license reinstatement proceedings to felony DUI trials. It is essential that you contact the Chicago DUI attorneys at John W. Callahan, Ltd., immediately. Every day is critical. We offer a free case evaluation so don't be afraid to contact us at anytime.

Located in Schaumburg, Illinois, and Chicago, Illinois and representing clients throughout the greater Chicago areas of Skokie, Hoffman Estates, Palatine, Oak Lawn, Wilmette, Arlington Heights and Wheaton, the law office of John W. Callahan, Ltd., can help you keep your license and fight against your DUI charge.