DUI Issues in Cook County – the Importance of Showing Up To Court

Posted by John Callahan | Apr 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

As a DUI lawyer in Cook County, Illinois, I have seen my fair share of events when the DUI case comes up for trial. One of the most frustrating things can happen when the police officer fails to appear in court for trial. When this happens, the State will normally ask for a continuance and the judge will normally grant the State's request. Once. if the officer fails to appear for a second or third time, most judges tire of the cops failure to appear and will deny the State's request for a continuance. In effect, forcing the State to dismiss the DUI charges. This will work when the client shows up in court. If the client fails to appear in court on the day of trial at the same time the police officer fails to appear, rather than having the case dismissed, a warrant will normally be issued and the matter will be reset until a further date.Aggressively fighting DUI charges in Cook County works best when the client appears in court.

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