DUI issues in using expert witnesses

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As a DUI lawyer in Chicago, I very often see clients who submitted to a breathalyzer exam at the Chicago Police department and even in the suburbs like Schaumburg, Illinois. The question they ask is can they beat the driving while under the influence charge even though they submitted to a breathalyzer score greater than .08.The answer is often yes. One way we can beat the DUI even though they blew over the .08 limit is to retain an expert witness to help us attack the validity of the breathalyzer. DUI lawyer Michael Norris and myself have used experts for decades to great effect. While it is no guarantee that of you. Retain an expert you will win your case, most of the time the results please our clients.One problem in dealing with an expert is scheduling. it is a very delicate matter. If the Judge in your case is not confident and can get steamrolled by the States attorney, it can cost the client money if the case gets continued after the expert comes to testify. Thankfully, that rarely happens.If you have any questions about how to beat a DUI charge when you blew over .08 give us a call anytime.

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