DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

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As a DUI lawyer for the past twenty years, many clients ask what needs to be done if they have been arrested for a DUI charge for the second time. I always tell them that the number one thing we need to try to do on a case like this is first, see if we can win the case. Next, if we determine that we will have a difficult time winning the case at trial, we attempt to have the DUI charge reduced down to a reckless driving. The reason for this is because if you can get a DUI charge reduced down to reckless driving rather than take a conviction on the second DUI, the client will then not lose their license because the Secretary of State will not revoke the license based off of the reckless driving charge. But the Secretary of State will revoke the driving privileges of any person who has been convicted of a DUI offense.

We were just able to get a DUI charge reduced down to reckless driving in DuPage County despite the fact that the client blew a breathalyzer score significantly over .08 at the police station.  This client lived out of state and we are especially careful of avoiding a conviction on a DUI charge in Illinois when the client has to leave the state of Illinois and reside back in their home state whether it be Florida, California, or New York.

If you have been arrested for a second DUI charge and need assistance in representing you in Cook County, DuPage County, or Kane County, feel free to contact John W Callahan, DUI lawyer, to help you with your case.

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