Federal Sex Offenses

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Over the past 12 months we have represented several people charged with federal sex crimes investigations as well as sex offenses ranging from investigations of inappropriate pornography on their computer to the actual production of inappropriate sexual related contact with the minor stemming from investigations from Homeland Security or from the Federal Bureau of investigation.

How does a typical federal sex investigation begin? While they are all different, what we have seen in almost every case is that the federal government will obtain a search warrant after their initial investigation leads them to believe that a federal crime has been committed.  The federal government will then knock on the defendant's door and asking for permission to search, despite the fact that they have a legal warrant for the search, they will also then speak with the client and get as much information about his or her activities as they possibly can voluntarily.

This is where things get unusual. In state court, the defendant would then be placed under arrest and would be brought before the criminal court immediately under most circumstances. However, in federal court the defendant will be left to continue working and be left at home until the feds determine and obtain all of the forensics from the computer items seized.  This typically takes anywhere from six to nine months.

At that point, the federal criminal charges are filed and the defendant is arrested.

I always think that it is best to contact a criminal defense lawyer who can handle federal sex crimes as well as Illinois State sex crime charges so if you have been contacted buy the police involving an investigation of a sexual nature, you should feel free to contact the law offices of John W Callahan, Lt moved to discuss your case immediately.

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