How to Beat a DUI Suspension after a DUI arrest in Chicago

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As a Chicago DUI lawyer for the past 15 years I have represented hundreds if not thousands of people charged with DUI in Chicago and the surrounding area. One of the most important questions people ask me is if they can continue driving after they are arrested for a DUI in Chicago. The answer is yes. After you are arrested for DUI in the State of Illinois you have 46 days to drive legally before the secretary of state of Illinois will suspend your license. Is there anything that can be done about the suspension? Yes. If you attack the suspension by filing a petition to contest the suspension at the Daley Center in Chicago, you begin a time clock that runs for you, not against you. If you can get that clock to run to 30 days after you filed a petition to rescind the suspension and the state/prosecutor is not ready to proceed to a hearing on the suspension, the caselaw says that the state cannot suspend your license.I just had a case where a person was charged with DUI in Chicago and we filed the petition immediately to contest the suspension. In this person's case the clock that worked against the state and for my client began taking immediately after we filed the petition. By aggressively filing the petition to contest the DUI suspension, we were able to successfully remove the suspension from this person's record.The only way to beat a suspension after a DUI charge in Chicago is to contest it by immediately hiring an attorney and filing the petition to rescind. Should you have any questions about the DUI charge in Chicago feel free to contact my office to discuss any pending suspension you might be facing.

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