I was completely lost and you saved us.

Dear John, It was clear to me at our first meeting that you are an extraordinary person. I was completely lost and you saved us. I know how different the outcome would have been without you. You took away that awful “all is lost” feeling I had and then worked your magic to achieve an outcome better than we could have hoped. I knew we were lucky to find you. When I asked you for advice when T.M. needed help, you again went “above and beyond”… including attending court with him and straightening out the entire mess. I recently learned that you never charged T. for your time and efforts. That was very kind of you and I'm sure T. appreciates it as well. It would give me great pleasure if you would accept the enclosed gift certificate as a token of my appreciation for all you have done. Please take your wife for a special dinner at Wildfire (my personal favorite) or whatever LEYE restaurant you prefer. Thank you and enjoy! Warm regards, K. P.S. I promise to only send paying client to you in the future.

– K