Out of State DUI Affecting my license

Posted by John Callahan | Feb 18, 2016 | 0 Comments

As an Illinois DUI lawyer for the past 18 years, I receive calls from people all the time who were either traveling through Illinois or were on a work trip when they were arrested for a DUI.  If this happened to you it is important to know that ignoring or avoiding going to court in Illinois for your DUI can lead to long term problems.

If you skip court, a warrant will most likely be issued for your arrest.  This may or may not affect you in the State where you live as the Illinois warrant might not reach that far.  What will affect you however, is the judgment of conviction that the Illinois Secretary of State will place on your driving record.  This conviction immediately revokes your driving privileges in Illinois but what is worse is that when you go to reapply for your license in Ohio, Texas or California (or whatever state you live in), you will not be able to renew your drivers license at home. This poses major work related and family issues.

We can help clear your license based off the DUI.  Sometimes within less than one week by vacating the ex parte judgment of conviction.  This will allow you to obtain a renewal of your driver's license in your home state.

If you need help with a DUI and you live in another state you can feel free to call the DUI law office of John W Callahan, Ltd. We will take the time to discuss your case with you and help clear up your DUI conviction.

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