Case Results

People v. N.F.

Our client had been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol because he was asleep at the wheel of his car, and his car was over the white line. It was a Bartlett arrest, and the officer approached our client, detecting a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, noticed bloodshot and glassy eyes and our client admitted he was drinking alcohol that evening. The officer had our client step out of the car and perform field sobriety tests, which the officer indicated our client failed. After failing all of the tests and admitted to drinking more alcohol that he originally admitted to, the officer placed him under arrest. We immediately filed a petition to stop the suspension of our client's driving privileges and also were prepared to present a vigorous defense on his behalf. Our defense was extremely successful, and all charges against our client were dismissed, most importantly, the charge of driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of our aggressive approach, the petition to rescind the summary suspension, which we filed on his behalf was also granted, and our client suffered no suspension of his driving privileges, which at this point in time for him would have been a six month suspension. This was significant for our client because this was the first time he was arrested and needed to get the suspension of his driving privileges off of his record so that the insurance company would not cancel him or have to pay a great deal of money over the next three years for coverage. As a result of our representation, not only was our client not convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol but the Secretary of State was ordered to reinstate his driving privileges and remove the suspension from his driving record.