Restrictions on Child Sex Offenders

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One area of criminal law with some of the harshest consequences is sex crimes involving children.  There are numerous restrictions that are placed on individuals who have been found by a court to be a child sex offender.  Many of these restrictions are in place even if you are no longer required to register for the Sex Offender Registry.

Under Illinois law, a child sex offender is someone who has been charged with and convicted of a sex offense or an attempted sex offense wherein the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the offense.  When you gain the label of child sex offender, it can severely restrict certain aspects of your life.  Being a child sex offender can limit where you can be under Illinois law; for example, you cannot be on school grounds or on a school bus if kids are present, nor can you loiter within 500 feet of school grounds if kids are present (there are some exceptions to both of these if you have a child). A child sex offender is also limited in terms of where they can live—they cannot live within 500 feet of their victim or within 500 feet of school grounds, for example.  The status of child sex offender can also limit what you can do for employment, as a child sex offender cannot operate an ice cream truck or emergency vehicle, nor can you be employed at a day care or child care facility.

Because there are consequences that go well beyond the sentence given to you by the court, it is especially important to consult with an attorney who is knowledgeable if you are charged with a sex-based crime.  Only a knowledgeable attorney will be able to tell you the full impact of a conviction in your life, and to make an informed decision as to whether to plead or go to trial, you will want this information.  The attorneys at John W. Callahan, Ltd. have years of experience handling all sorts of sex cases, and we can help you have all the information you need to decide if you want to take a deal or if you want to fight the charges against you.  Contact us today for representation.

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