Schaumburg DUI arrest - what should I do?

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If you have been arrested by Schaumburg police officer over the past three nights, there are some important things that you should do to try to preserve your rights. First, you should retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the ropes as far as handling DUI matters and DUI defense. When you are arrested by the Schaumburg police department for a DUI, the Cook County States Attorney's office will handle the prosecution in the Rolling Meadows courthouse. You need a lawyer who is familiar with the courthouse and who understands the rulings and proceedings that go on as well as the judges who will be hearing your case. Further the Schaumburg police department takes the prosecution of their DUI arrests very seriously and typically does not negotiate a resolution to the case which forces many people and clients trial – this means that you need a lawyer who can take your case to trial when necessary.

DUI Lawyer John W Callahan

If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, you should immediately file a petition to contest the statutory summary suspension in court as your license will be suspended in 46 days if you don't move quickly.  What this means is that if you don't do anything the tidal wave of a suspension will hit you and bury you. You need to attack the suspension and build a strategic defense to help you keep driving while your case is pending – and after the case is resolved as well.

The experienced DUI lawyers at John W Callahan, Ltd., have represented people in thousands of DUI matters and have prevented hundreds of suspensions from ever taking place – sometimes at hearings which prevented the client losing their license from the suspension. You need to protect your rights if you've been arrested for DUI so feel free to call the DUI lawyers at John W. Callahan, anytime.

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