Schaumburg DUI over Christmas or New Year’s Eve?

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From Schaumburg DUI lawyer Michael T. Norris' perspective, lots! Mike was inundated with calls from people who were arrested over the Christmas and New Year's Eve weekends for driving under the influence of alcohol charges. The thing that most of them wanted to know was, “What do I do once I have been charged with a DUI in Schaumburg, Palatine or Arlington Heights?” The easy answer from an experienced DUI attorney is to meet with him immediately. The best service we can give you is if you give us the opportunity to attack the suspension. Why? Because, a time line begins moving until the 46th day from the date of your DUI arrest. On the 46th day your license will be suspended if you do not take active steps to prevent the suspension from going into effect. We can take steps to nullify the clock that works against you and for the State. If that is successful, your suspension will be removed from your record. Then, we concentrate on the DUI. This takes time, but a successful case is often determined by how fast the client attacks the DUI.If you have any questions about a first time DUI charge or a second offense DUI issue, feel free to contact DUI lawyer Michael Norris anytime.

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