Schaumburg retail theft lawyer from arrest at Woodfield mall

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As a criminal defense lawyer in Schaumburg Illinois, both John Callahan have represented clients charge with retail theft from Schaumburg for decades. Most retail theft cases that occur in Schaumburg happen at the Woodfield mall near route 53. Most people who are charged with a retail theft case out of Woodfield Mall have two issues they must face. First, they have to go to court to face the criminal misdemeanor charge of retail theft. In more serious cases, the client may be charged with a felony if the amount was over $150. Second, The person charged with retail theft will face a civil fine from a law firm that handles these cases in bulk. The letter will look like junk mail but it will be demanding a minimum of $350 even if the client only stolen an item worth two dollars. This is perfectly legal but in my opinion, is just a money grab to fill the pockets of lawyers. When we represent clients charged with retail theft the most important thing that I tell them is that we look at the long-term record of our clients. We do not just simply walk into court and plead our clients guilty of retail theft. In fact, we have won many retail theft cases at trial. It is important to think long-term. Most importantly, can the arrest be expunged? That is our goal. If you have been arrested for retail theft in Schaumburg or at the Woodfield Mall, feel free to contact my office and we will discuss how to prevent a conviction on your record and to take it one step further to attempt to expunge your arrest record so that your arrest will not appear on any background checks.

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