Sexual Charges In Illinois

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Being charged with a sexual related offense is one of the most difficult to defend criminal cases.  In fact, many people agree that being accused of a sex crime is as serious as a murder charge as both crimes can cause a defendant to face life in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

There are several legal issues that need to be analyzed in each type of criminal sex case.  For example, in a child pornography type case, it is important to analyze the forensics of the computer that allegedly contained the illegal images.  We have used experts in pornography cases to show that the images were downloaded at times when our client was not using the computer. 

In solicitation cases, it is important to be able to know what to subpoena to protect the defense.  In a case like this, are there cell phone ping records to locate where the defendant was at the time of the incident for a possible alibi defense.  Is there any GPS records we can obtain to prove that the alleged victim's story is untrue?

The bottom line is that in sex crimes defense, you need to know the proper questions to ask to create a valid defense.  We have taken cases where there were significant jail offers on the table for our clients before we got involved that turned into offers of probation or even not guilty verdicts after a jury trial.

If you have any questions about a sex crime accusation that you need assistance with, contact that experienced defense team at John W Callahan, Ltd.

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