St. Patricks Day DUI Arrests 2018

Posted by John Callahan | Mar 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

Please be careful this weekend as there will be several police departments bucking up their DUI patrols.  The Irish holiday of St. Patrick's day can bring out the drinking in anyone - but when combined with the fact that the holiday falls on a Saturday this year you need to be cautious about picking up a DUI.  One drink per hour for no more than three hours is a typical rule of thumb for being OK to drive.  But when that one turns into 7 or even 10 drinks, problems and lack of judgment can occur.

If you get arrested for a DUI you should refuse the breathalyzer exam under almost every circumstance in Illinois - we even know an attorney who had two glasses of wine but still blew a .08.  Refusing always helps add to the question if you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  But if you get arrested for a DUI and need any help, you should contact the experienced DUI lawyers at John W Callahan, LTD.

DUI defense starts from the moment you get arrested - we ask for the videos and audio tapes - and also look at your background to formulate a defense custom tailored to fit your needs.

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