What do I do if I am being investigated by the police?

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In the field of criminal law, I receive calls every week from people who have been contacted by the police whether it is in Chicago, Naperville, Schaumburg or anywhere in the Chicago area and surrounding counties.  All of these people want to know what they should do when being investigated by the police.  Do they ignore the police?  Should they go in and talk to the police?  What do you do when you get that call from a police department wanting you to come in and talk?

This is not an easy answer.  Are you a witness?  If you refuse to speak with police does that make it look like you are guilty and can that be used against you in court?  Can you make yourself a target of a criminal investigation?  The safest thing to do is to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who you can talk to with attorney-client privilege.  This means that anything you say to the attorney cannot be used against you in court and is confidential.

Criminal defense and DUI lawyer John W Callahan can speak with you about your case and advise you on whether or not you should speak with the police.  Most of the time, putting a buffer between your freedom and the police and prosecution is in your best interest.  If you have been contacted by the police and they tell you that they, “Just want to talk,” you should contact a lawyer immediately.

Feel free to call John W Callahan and his criminal defense law firm anytime on the phone at 1-877-335-6697 if you have any questions at all.

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