Why hire a DUI lawyer in Illinois?

Posted by John Callahan | Oct 23, 2012 | 0 Comments

Being a lawyer who handles DUI cases in Illinois for 15 years I always wonder why people wait three to four weeks after their DUI arrest to contact an attorney. Some people have financial issues and need the public defender. That I understand. But if you are like most people facing DUI charges, you started out by being arrested in your car. That car is normally used to take you to work where you earn lots of money (hopefully)! When you are arrested for a DUI, your license will be scheduled to be suspended 46 days after the arrest date. What is the best way to beat the suspension? Attack it. How do you attack it? By hiring a DUI lawyer.

The more time you give your lawyer to fight the case before the first court date, the better the chance you have to beat the DUI suspension, and often the DUI case in chief. Waiting to hire a lawyer until a couple of days before the fist court date takes some of the advantage of hiring a lawyer away from the client.
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