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Illinois Criminal Defense Attorneys Clearing Your Record

A criminal record can damage your chances of finding a job, renting an apartment or buying a home. Background checks are conducted in a wide range of circumstances. Even if you were cleared of criminal wrongdoing, your record can still cause you problems. If you are considering having your criminal record sealed or seeking an expungement, you need experienced legal advice. At the Chicago criminal defense law offices of John W. Callahan, Ltd., we know the effect that clearing a criminal record can have on a person's life. We fight for our clients to help them in sealing or expunging their records.

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Sealing an Illinois Criminal Record

The Criminal Identification Act allows people to expunge or seal certain criminal records. Not all records are eligible for this process. The majority of arrests that did not lead to a conviction can be expunged. Even if you were convicted, you may still be eligible to have your record sealed so that only law enforcement officials would have access to that information. Our skilled lawyers understand the law and can help you file a petition to seal your record.

The process of getting your record expunged can be confusing. The forms, evidence and procedures must be followed exactly to get the result you are seeking. You should not risk your chances at having your record cleared. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers have the knowledge and resources to protect your rights. We will work closely with you to ensure that your petition is handled properly.

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An arrest should not haunt you for the rest of your life. If you have been arrested, you have a criminal record forever unless you have it expunged. Arrests, misdemeanor convictions and even certain felony convictions may be erased or sealed if you meet the requirements. To speak to one of our experienced Illinois attorneys, call 1-877-335-6697 or contact us online.