Drug Manufacturing & Delivery


Have You Been Arrested for Making and Delivering Drugs?

As far as we're concerned, every case is filled with opportunities for success. The challenge is to find them. At the law offices of John W. Callahan, Ltd., we know how to find them.

If you have been accused of drug manufacturing or cultivation, we suggest you enlist us as soon as possible so we can begin digging for opportunities. We go into every case with winning on our minds. We want to get you out of this without having to go to jail and with no damage to your permanent record.

Our attorneys offer a free consultation to educate people accused of manufacturing or cultivating drugs about their rights. Call us at 1-877-335-6697 today to speak within minutes with an experienced lawyer. You can also e-mail us.

John W. Callahan, Ltd., attorneys are dedicated to helping people in Chicago, Schaumburg and the surrounding parts of Illinois. We bring decades of experience to every case we handle. We have seen and overcome countless complex charges. We believe that the knowledge we will bring to your drug manufacturing or cultivation case can mean the difference between success and failure.

Drug manufacturing charges typically involve marijuana cultivation charges. Our lawyers know how to handle these cases. We know when to turn to experts to help us uncover the realities behind the evidence that the opposition will try to use against you. We know how to build strong cases dedicated to winning.

We Can Challenge the Search Warrant

Manufacturing charges often involve a search warrant that is issued on a home based on a statement from an informant. We have a strong track record of beating many of those cases by aggressively challenging the validity of the search warrant. In one recent case, we got cocaine charges against our client dismissed after showing that the informant and the police officer had different stories. The judge agreed that there was no probable cause for the warrant.

Drug manufacturing charges are often associated with allegations of running meth labs. Our attorneys know how to bring in experts to uncover all of the evidence in these matters. We will take great care as we construct a legal strategy that is dedicated to achieving success.

Hire an Attorney Who Is Dedicated to Getting Results

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