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Internet crimes such as eBay fraud, phishing, child pornography, solicitation, and predatory criminal sexual assault are very serious charges, which can have a devastating effect on your future.Many Internet crimes, like other white collar crimes, are felonies and carry mandatory minimum sentences. A mandatory minimum sentence means the judge would be required to send you to prison for a specified period of time with no possibility of probation or early parole.

A conviction for an Internet crime would also make it hard for you to get a job after you get out of prison. Few employers would consider hiring someone who has a conviction for eBay fraud or identity theft. To preserve your freedom and future, you need an Internet crimes defense lawyer who is willing to fight for you.

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Chat Room Arrests and Entrapment

Police officers often pose as minors in chat rooms and readily engage in sexual conversations with other chat room visitors. Many adults are arrested by police when they attempt to meet the person who was posing as a minor. They may be charged with solicitation of a child to commit sex acts or other serious crimes.

The defense for many sex crimes related to chat room conversations is entrapment, since police officers posing as minors often aggressively pursue meeting the adult. Internet crime defense lawyers John W. Callahan, Ltd., will also examine email records, text message records, to find out what was really said and what was expected. Just because you went to meet someone posing as a 16-year-old, does not mean you were planning to have sex with him or her.

Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes, especially those involving children such as possession of child pornography or solicitation of minors in chat rooms, elicit more outrage and condemnation than almost any other type of crime. The accused are presented as leading double lives and unworthy of the basic constitutional freedoms, which often, we take for granted.

Like other sex offenses, Internet sex crimes carry the possibility of lifetime registration as a sex offender after you have served your sentence. Confronted with the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence and a lifetime of monitoring and registration, you need an attorney who is willing to fight for you and who can poke holes in the prosecution's case.

We Win Internet Crime Cases Other Lawyers Said Were Impossible

Do not be pressured into pleading guilty to an Internet crime. Defense attorney John W. Callahan has tried and achieved not-guilty verdicts in serious Internet crime cases, including eBay fraud, phishing, possession of child pornography, solicitation or enticement of a minor, and predatory criminal sexual assault.

If you are being investigated or have already been charged with an Internet crime, contact a Chicago Internet crimes defense lawyer at the law offices of John W. Callahan, Ltd., today. We offer a free case evaluation.