Have You Been Accused of Felony Theft?


At the law offices of John W. Callahan, Ltd., we are dedicated to protecting the rights of people charged with felony theft. We have decades of experience providing criminal defense to people in Chicago, Schaumburg and the surrounding parts of Illinois. In our years of practice, we have made a point of going into every case with every intention of beating it. We want to keep you out of jail and keep your record clean.

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We Will Fight to Keep Your Record Clean

As aggressive lawyers, John W. Callahan, Ltd., never consider defeat as a first option in a felony theft case, no matter how compelling the evidence is against you. Our first option is to beat the case by looking for opportunities to get it dismissed. After carefully examining every nook and cranny for such opportunities, we will move onto other options only if we have to. We will consider taking your case to trial if that is what we believe it will take to get the outcome you deserve.

Seeking Dismissal: The most important thing for many of our clients charged with theft is to try to keep their record clean. Many attorneys will try to end the case quickly by pleading their client guilty for probation. We are patient and do not take the easy way out. We have represented people charged with felony theft, both employees and nonemployees, and we have had many charges dismissed.

Diversionary Programs: Another alternative is (sometimes) a diversionary program called theft school. This allows the defendant to receive counseling, take a few classes, and, upon program completion, have the charges dropped. This option is typically the result of a misdemeanor charge, but we have been able to use it in selected felony cases as well.

We can handle all types of felony theft cases, including those that involve stealing from department stores, grocery stores, electronics stores and more. We will carefully examine options and look at whether there was intent to steal. We often turn to investigators and experts to help strengthen our case.

In one case, we represented a police officer charged with retail theft. Despite the fact that the surveillance video showed him removing items from the store, the judge found our client not guilty after the trial.

In addition to felony theft and grand larceny cases, we can handle matters involving employee theft, which is also called embezzlement. No matter what type of theft you have been accused of, our team can help.

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