Case Results

People of the State of Illinois v. B.B.

Our client was stopped for allegedly cutting off another car and cutting sharply into another lane of traffic. When stopped, our client was observed to have a strong odor of alcohol, bloodshot and glassy eyes and slurred speech. He failed all field sobriety tests and took a breath test, which showed a blood alcohol content of .127. The Secretary of State suspended his driving privileges and the state sought a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol if we rejected their offer for court supervision.

We successfully rescinded his suspension and obtained a court order directing the Secretary of State to remove the suspension and reinstate his driving privileges. We filed our pre-trial motion to suppress the results of his breath test from being used as evidence against him, and after a contested hearing, we won that motion, also. All charges were subsequently dropped and his case was dismissed.

Our client suffered no suspension of his driving privileges, did not have to accept court supervision, did not need to obtain an alcohol evaluation, and was dismissed entirely.