2nd DUI Arrest – What Can I Do?

Posted by John Callahan | Jun 12, 2013 | 0 Comments

DUI lawyers face tough situations. What can we do when a person is charged with his 2nd DUI within 5 years? This is one of the most difficult situations to handle as a DUI lawyer in Illinois. The difficulty lies in the fact that when a person is arrested for a DUI within 5 years of their first DUI, the suspension they face will be a hard time suspension, meaning that there is no restricted driving permit or MDDP device that can be installed to get the DUI client driving. The DUI lawyer either beats the suspension or the client eats the suspension. In addition, even if the lawyer beats the suspension, a finding of guilty on the 2nd DUI will result in the revocation of the DUI client's drivers license. In order to keep the client driving, the DUI lawyer must beat both parts of the 2nd DUI case. Very difficult.Another option that we recently obtained for our client is to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the suspension or rescind the suspension which immediately removes it from the client's Secretary of State driving record. Next, we convinced the prosecutor to reduce the DUI charge down to a reckless driving which prevents the revocation. This allows the DUI client to keep driving and often prevents hem from losing their job or livelihood. This is the Holy Grail of 2nd DUI defense. Should you have any questions about being charged with a first or second DUI in Illinois, feel free to call with any questions.

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