Accused of Sex Offense – What do I do?

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Have you been accused of a sexual offense?  In the area of criminal law or DCFS investigations there are certain things that you should do right away if you have been accused.  I have been a criminal defense lawyer who has handled hundreds of sex offense investigations over the past 18 years and in my opinion one of the most important tasks you can do is to invoke your right to an attorney AND to remain silent.

Many times people ask me if the really need an attorney to handle their case before they are charged with a crime.  The easy answer is yes.  Meeting with the police puts you at risk of giving them information that CAN and WILL be used against you in a court of law.  Even putting yourself at the scene of the crime despite the fact that you deny anything happened can impact your case in a bad way.  You need to give yourself a chance for a successful outcome.

If you are being investigated for rape, improper touching, or any other sexual type investigation or sex crime, you need to speak with a sex crimes defense lawyer who can help you through this situation and minimize your stress.  If someone has accused your of something you did not do, feel free to contact criminal defense lawyer John W Callahan to discuss your case today at 1-877-335-6697 24 hours per day.  We will be there to help you.

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