Another win at trial for Criminal Weapons Lawyer Michael Norris

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As a criminal defense lawyer who represents clients from drug charges to unlawful possession of a weapon, Michael T. Norris stands as one of the best attorneys in the state of Illinois. He just won another case at trial in a felony matter involving a person who was charged with bringing a weapon onto a plane at an airport near Chicago. There was no room to negotiate this case so Mike took the matter to trial and obtained a finding of not guilty due to the fact that the state could not prove that his client knowingly possessed the weapon and intended to bring it on a plane.You can take a look at the many successful cases Mike has represented clients in criminal, felony drug, and unlawful possession of weapons charges. Mike Norris can often take a hopeless matter such as the case referenced above and turn it into a not guilty due to his excellent lawyering skills.Should you have any questions or would like to speak with Mike Norris about a felony drug or felony unlawful possession of a weapons charge, contact his office at anytime.

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