Does a DUI affect a Chicago taxi driver’s chauffeur license?

Posted by John Callahan | Dec 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

As a Chicago DUI lawyer, I recently came across the question as to whether a Chicago taxi driver loses his chauffeur's license in the City of Chicago for a DUI. Even if the taxi driver is arrested outside the City of Chicago, the question still remains…I spoke to no less than 10 different DUI attorneys from Cook and DuPage Counties regarding the question. I asked them, “Have you ever represented a cab driver on a DUI charge?” Almost every DUI lawyer had represented a taxi driver for a driving under the influence charge. I then asked them, “Did you ever have a cabbie lose his license due to court supervision on a DUI?” Not one attorney indicated that this had happened in their career. I was unable to find the answer when I researched it with the licensing department. Don't use this information as 100% certain, but it is a good start to know that not one of many respected DUI attorneys had seen a taxi driving client lose their chauffeur's license for a DUI.DUI lawyer John Callahan is always available to answer any questions should you ask.

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