Case Results

People of the State of Illinois v. S. B.

Our client was stopped by the Des Plaines Police Department for straddling the broken white line separating two lanes of traffic for approximately one block. She corrected into the outside lane and then drove on to the shoulder, where she almost struck mailboxes. Our client over-corrected, crossed the broken white line again, and over-corrected again, almost striking a curb. When the officer turned on his emergency lights, our client made a right hand turn around an island rather than using the correct lane, scraped the curb, and drove up onto the curb when it stopped. When approaching our client, the officer noted an extremely strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, bloodshot, glassy, watery eyes, the belt around her waist was not buckled, she was extremely slow in exiting the car, had to use the driver's door for support, had to use the door and the vehicle's roof for guidance while walking from the vehicle. According to the police officer, she took and failed four field sobriety tests. The Secretary of State issued a summary suspension and attempted to suspend her driving privileges. We proceeded to a contested hearing and aggressively cross-examined the arresting officer on his observations. After a contested hearing on the issue of whether or not the state could suspend her driving privileges, our petition to rescind was granted and the Secretary of State was ordered to reinstate her driving privileges, did not suspend her driver's license, and removed the summary suspension from her driving record. We subsequently proceeded to a trial in her case, and she was found not guilty of all charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol. She never had to plead guilty or obtain an alcohol evaluation, do the classes or accept supervision for driving under the influence of alcohol because of our representation.