Probation vs. Parole: What is the Difference?

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Probation and parole are two alternatives to jail time. Probation occurs in lieu of incarceration and it is the period of time after a conviction and before a jail sentence for a defendant to prove to the judge they have rehabilitated themselves. If you are placed on probation, as many people are after a conviction, you must meet specific conditions set forth by your judge (i.e. reporting to a probation officer, adhering to a curfew, passing random drugs tests, attending a rehab program, paying fees, etc.) to avoid further trouble. Parole, however, is an early and conditional release from prison to serve the rest of the sentence in the community. This is otherwise known as mandatory supervised release.  Parole is granted to prisoners who exhibit good behavior and like parole, is conditioned on that behavior. If you are released on parole, you must report to a parole officer and meet the specific conditions set forth by a parole board.

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The consequences of your probation and parole violations can be extreme. A probation or parole violation could be as simple as a missed meeting or as serious as a new criminal offense. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys will fight to defend you against any and all charges against you, including allegations of a violation. If you need an experienced lawyer to defend you in a probation or parole hearing or related matter, we can help you. We will work to help you avoid jail time and get back on track with your probation or parole. If you are facing additional criminal charges, we will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the most effective defense strategy. We understand the methods used by prosecutors to punish violations and we can defend you against them.

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